1. Are there any Department of Defense (DOD) schools in Hawaii?

No, all public schools are part of the Hawaii Department of Education.

2. We are PCSing to Hawaii; what school can my child attend?

Your child must attend school in the district where you live. See the School Site Locator tool: ool/Pages/home.aspx.

For families hoping to live in Navy Family Housing, see the following for a list of schools per housing area:

For families hoping to live in Air Force (Hickam) Housing who have elementary school (ES) aged children, there are 3 ESs (Hickam, Mokulele, & Nimitz) depending on your house location. Aliamanu Middle and Radford High Schools are the other schools for Hickam Housing.

3. What do I need to register my child for school in Hawaii?

Required registration documents are listed at: /Pages/home.aspx.

4. Can we pre-enroll our child for school before we arrive in Hawaii?

No, as the school your child can attend will be dependent on where you will live.

5. My child is currently in a gifted and talented program; will the new school in Hawaii accept his/her continued placement in the gifted and talented program?

Your child’s new school shall initially honor placement in educational programs based on current educational assessments conducted at your previous state’s school or participation and placement in like programs in the sending state; provided these programs exist in the new school. Programs include but are not limited to gifted and talented programs and English as a second language programs. Initial placement shall not preclude the new school from performing subsequent evaluations to ensure your child’s appropriate placement. The new school may allow attendance at similar courses in the school district if it doesn’t offer such educational programs.

6. My high school child is currently taking honors/AP classes; can he/she continue in Hawaii?

Yes, see response to question 4 above.

7. I have a special needs child with an (IEP); will the new school honor this IEP?

The new school shall initially provide comparable services to a student with disabilities based on the current IEP. Additionally, the school shall make reasonable accommodations and modifications to address the needs of incoming students with disabilities, subject to an existing section 504 or Title II Plan, to provide the student with equal access to education. The school can perform subsequent evaluations to ensure appropriate placement of the student.

8. How can I apply for a geographic exception (GE) so my child a school outside of our district?

See GE request procedures at: phic-exceptions.aspx.

9. I received family housing; can my child stay in his/her school for the rest of the school year?

State law requires a student to attend the school in the geographic area of your residential location. GE requests to remain in this school may be considered by the current school principal.

10. Is kindergarten (K) full-day, and what are the age requirements for kindergarten attendance?

K is full-day and mandatory for children who turn age 5 by July 31

( rten/Pages/home.aspx).

11. When does school start and end?

Most school calendars follow:

12. What are the requirements for home schooling my child?

Parents must submit a notice of intent with the local public school principal via DOE Form 4140

( hool/Pages/Homeschooling-FAQs.aspx) or a letter with the required information. See and for more information.

13. How do I find out information regarding private schools in Hawaii?

Many private schools are part of Hawaii Association of Independent Schools ( Call the School Liaison Office for more information.

14. What about public charter schools?

Call the School Liaison Office and check

15. Are there free tutoring services for military children?

Yes at

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