Chances are, you happened on our site because you just found out – “IT’S OFFICIAL!”

     You’re headed to the island in “X” months. Before you start swimming in a sea of endless PCS paperwork, entangle yourself in the tentacles of fast-spreading horror stories, or worse yet, think you’re moving to Paradise; grab a beverage of your choice and let’s “Talk Story!”

But first off, let me be the first to say…



     If you’re not already excited and scared, humor me and pretend you are.  The Hawaiian Archepilago is the earth’s most isolated landmass – it’s also one of the most beautiful!  Hawaii is nothing short of magical, which is not to say that I’ll dissuade you into thinking that living in Hawaii is all grass skirts and Mai Tais.  Hawaii is not Paradise. Like perfection, “Paradise” does not exist; except on postcards and in a salesman’s pitch. Oahu has some of the nation’s worst commuting traffic, the cost of living is off the charts, and believe it or not, we have drugs and crime.

     Perspective is everything, and our goal is to give you a realistic perspective of your home to be. Chances are, those horror stories you heard about could have possibly been easily prevented with a little bit of research, common sense, and personal ownership. Oahu is a prime tourist location – stunning beaches and enchanting sunsets don’t mean Hawaii is exempt of anything you’d easily find in any large city like Los Angeles, Florida or the like.

“Am I going to love Hawaii? Will I be making memories on scenic beaches, and telling timeless stories about hiking Diamond Head?”


“Am I going to spend hours sitting in traffic and eat ramen for the next three years?”

     You just might, unless you do your homework, have an open mind, and of course learn to surf! 😉 Surf through the hype, and get down to reality. Your time in Hawaii can be an amazing duty station, or a miserable stuck-on-a-rock experience… you’re the only one who get’s to decide which!

     Home Sweet Hawaii’s main objective is to provide an unbiased, personal experience type of information “By Military Spouses, for Military Spouses.” There are countless military websites, but I’ll bet you a dozen Malasadas we can help guide you through your move far better than anyone! Why? Because we’ve done it! Tried and true information, support and friendship.

     So, start that paperwork! I promise you it does end! Check out our other pages of information – we’re going to do our best to cover them all! If you don’t see a topic you need, have a excellent tip, or even want to contribute to our information stock pile, shoot us a message!





Written by LG, Edited by KP Updated 4/12/14

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