Our mission is to promote, encourage, and advocate breast feedings as the best source of nutrition for infants that benefits the welfare of infants, families and the community.


Hawai‘i Mothers’ Milk, Inc. offers a number of services, which help families who choose to breastfeed their babies, to enjoy a successful and healthy start.

Services Include:

 Health Education and Counseling for the nursing mother.

 Assistance with any breastfeeding problems such as latch on & sore nipples.

 Assistance in special situations such as a hospitalized baby.

 Assist Mothers returning to work: includes best time to start pumping and breast milk storage rules.

 Assist Mothers with proper usage of the best pump suited for their needs.

  Hospital grade breast pump rentals & purchases from Medela and Ameda.

  Large selection of breast pumps and parts from Medela and Ameda.

  Sales of breastfeeding supplies such as nursing bras and pads, nursing tank tops and drapes, nursing pillows, freezer bags, nipple cream, footstools and a variety of other products from Medela, Ameda, Bravado, My Brestfriend, BSN, Motherlove and other leading nursing suppliers.

  Ongoing Breastfeeding Education & Classes to nursing students, physicians and medical residents and other health agencies to help them better service their patient’s breastfeeding needs.

  Educational materials and information on breastfeeding.

  Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes.

  Transfer of Human Milk for neighbor island families to their babies hospitalized at KAPI’OLANI Medical Center.

  Telephone “Warmline” 949-1723 for any breastfeeding concern or questions.

Annually, our agency consistently receives about 3,000 visits with over 40% of these visits for Lactation Consultations while our warmline handles close to 4,000 phone calls.

Hawai‘i Mothers’ Milk
1319 Punahou Street
Bingham Building, 1st floor
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96826

Office: 808-947-6920
Warmline: 808-949-1723

Hawai‘i Mothers’ Milk


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