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So what happens when you find out you’re going to have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) due to your spouse being Active Duty (AD) and you are a reservist?! Well that means its time to start looking at what bases are closest that have your job available there. As soon as you find out you are going to be PCSing you need to start looking for a base/post/camp etc. I can tell you that I am an Air Force Reservist and my husband is AD Army so it makes it somewhat easy to find bases near one another, but my job in the Air Force is only at certain bases. So first thing I did was as soon as we found out I started asking my NCO’s (Non Commissioned Officer) where to start and half the time they don’t even know so you have to then find the answers yourself. So I went down to the Military Personnel Flight and started there. They told me I needed an AF Form 1288 before I could go to any type of out processing briefing. With the AF Form 1288 you need to fill it out with the base you are wanting to transfer to and all your information and then send it to the unit you are trying to transfer to. Once the unit you are trying to transfer to signs the form and sends it back your commander needs to sign releasing you from your current unit.

Let me tell you this process sounds way easier than it is! Honestly, it is hard to get a hold of people and make sure people are getting your information. You need to continue to follow up and be annoying because its your career and no one but you can make transferring happen. I am still in the process of trying to get the unit I am trying to transfer to, to get the AF Form 1288 sent back. I have called and still nothing so STAY ON TOP OF IT CONSTANTLY! Transferring is never an easy thing depending on if the unit has openings or not. In my case with the Air Force if there is no openings and the unit won’t pick me up and obviously I can’t afford to pay to go to Colorado Springs for Hawaii once a month I would then have to go Inactive Ready Reserve. And I do not want that to happen.

I will say start ASAP I started this process at my drill in January and you only have one weekend a month to try and get this handled and here it is almost June and there is still no for sure spot for me due to not receiving the paper back.

It is possible to be a reservist while your spouse is AD it can be tricky and hard at times depending on where you are PCSing but it can happen.

So my tips would be:

1. Find a base near where you are PCSing that has a reserve unit that has your AFSC/MOS/RATE etc

2. Start finding out if there is paperwork or who to contact at the unit you are trying to transfer to

3. Have your unit release you for sure and that you are good to leave your current unit

4. Go to out processing briefings

5. Get ready to meet more people and expand your military family! =)



I wish you the best of luck if you are going to be transferring! You can do it! 😉


MAHALO D.H. we sure do appreciate the insight into your particular situation, hope to meet you soon! –Kapolea

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