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  • INSURANCE You must have at the very least “No-Fault” insurance to drive a vehicle here in Hawaii. I personally have full coverage for both our vehicles, even our fully paid off car.
             No-Fault isurance is defined as: “No-fault systems generally exempt individuals from the usual liability for causing    body injury if they do so in a car accident; when individuals purchase “liability” insurance under those regimes, the insurance covers bodily injury of the insured and the insured’s passengers caused by a car accident …”

You will have 30 days to complete the steps below, but start them as soon as you can…

  • Safety Inspection: You will need your vehicle, title, current registration, & watermarked insurance card. You will be given a temporary Safety Inspection paper to take to the DMV. Once you receive registration paper work, you’ll need to return to your Safety Inspection location to get your permanent Safety Inspection sticker. Check your nearest gas station, they may be a licensed Safety Inspection station.
  • Non-Resident Form: The active duty member should request a “Non Resident Form” (Form CS-L (MVR) from his/her command. Without this form, you will pay the full cost to register, with the form you will pay $25.50.
  • Register your vehicle. This site is not run by the City & County of Honolulu but is very informative. You will need your vehicle’s title, current registration, non-resident form  (COMPLETELY filled out), temporary Safety Inspection paperwork and shipping receipt. They accept cash or check to be paid to the City & County of Honolulu.
  • When changing names on the vehicle Titles you will need all the above, and of course any necessary POA’s. You can complete this at a Satellite DMV.
  • Once you’re finished, be sure to read our “Communting On Oahu”


Written by : Kapolea, last revision 5/7/14

Written by: Kapolea 4/25/14

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