This morning, with baby on my lap and coffee at the ready I happened to see a post by one of HMW’s followers on Facebook. Dianne Gray is currently in the process of PCS’ing here  to the island, with her permission I’ve reposted her Facebook Post.     –Kapolea



Pictured: Dianne Gray paying tribute to  CPT John Hallett

Five years ago Memorial Day was just another day as part of a four day weekend. While living in Washington state, a small group of us took the opportunity to head over to the Olympic Peninsula and spend the weekend camping and hiking before a couple of the guys deployed. We were having a great time, and gave Memorial Day as passing glance.

“What?!” You say.

“You all are military, you’re military spouses, this is YOUR holiday!!”

You know what, you’re right, none of us got it. Little did we know, that 3 months after the camping trip we would all have a better understanding.

The man in the picture, holding his two handsome sons, is John.

Captain John Hallet was the Company Commander of a Army Stryker Unit.

What you don’t see in the picture is who he was, and who you don’t see him holding is his daughter Heidi, whom he never had the opportunity to meet. John was one of the greatest soldiers we have ever met, but he was so much more than just that. He was a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a friend. An incredibly smart guy that always had a smile, a solution, and spreadsheet, ready. Often barefoot, he lived life outside of the box and encouraged you to do the same.

John is the reason I run.

He, and thousands of men and women like him, are why we wear blue: Run To Remember was started. To help us actively remember. To be able to see their faces, and hear their stories, to help military and Civilians alike have a better understanding of what days like Memorial Day really mean.

Will you join me in walking or running on Monday? Will you take those steps for someone else, and not just yourself? I’ll let you borrow my story. I’ll let you know him and run for him, or I can share other stories of other men and women with you. We all have a reason, will you take the opportunity?

Wear Blue To Remember – Memorial Day Meet Up & Run


“Join us on Memorial Day, May 26th to remember our fallen with a run in their honor. The route will be approximately 4 miles round trip, a turn around point will be available for those who would like to do a shorter distance. This is a casual, family friendly non-timed event so feel free to walk, run, or stroll at your own pace and distance. We look forward to you joining us, please feel free to share and invite others to participate.”



This post was adapted from a Facebook post by Dianne Gray. MAHALO for letting us share, thank you for the reminder, I will be wearing blue! –Kapolea, 5/22/14

Why YOU should wear BLUE this Monday

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