What is “Aloha Friday”?

Nearly 70 years ago the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce first started a tradition of wearing aloha shirts during the summer months. 14 years later designers transformed the shirts making them more professional looking and started a campaign to start Aloha Friday. It was then that aloha shirts were considered appropriate business attire, over the years it’s spread far and wide!

The concept has spread even to the mainland with some companies allowing their employees to “dress down” on Friday.

Here on Oahu, Aloha Friday can also mean a short work day… In my own experience, often times my husband will be released from work early to start the weekend. My husband’s currently “away on business” and I have quite a few little people in my charge… so that whole “… no work ’til Monday” isn’t exactly true. It’s still reason to celebrate, another week “pau”, stay up late, sleep in, and GO BEACH!

Have a great Aloha Friday!!


Written by Kapolea 4/25/14
A L O H A Friday!

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