Approved by admin -STS Foundation is a Department of State sponsored high school exchange program. We are proud to offer American families the opportunity to become citizen diplomats by welcoming an international high school student into their home. By living as a family member the student learns about the American way of life and host families also experience a new culture.
Now is the time to open that door to a brighter future with STS Foundation.​
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Approved by admin -STS Foundation is a Department of State sponsored high school exchange program. We are proud to offer American families the opportunity to become citizen diplomats by welcoming an international high school student into their home. By living as a family member the student learns about the American way of life and host families also experience a new culture.
Now is the time to open that door to a brighter future with STS Foundation.​

From the mailbox, "Hi my name is Sabrina. My husband is an E7 and we are getting stationed at Schofield in December. Trying to figure out if we should live on or off base. We have an 8 year old who will be going to 4th grade and finding a good school is a big priority. He also plays club soccer and would love to do that there too, if anyone could recommend a good soocer team 🙂 I read a lot of positive about Mililani, but would love to hear about other parts of the island that we should consider. Thank you so much!" ... See MoreSee Less


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Some of the best public schools are in Mililani, so that's a great area- I have a great club team to recommend for your son, & if you're considering off base housing I can help with that too! I specialize with military families whether you're renting or purchasing home- PM me

Hi my son plays club soccer here and my husband coaches club futsal and soccer as well. PM me if you'd like. 😊

We absolutely loved living on base. I felt the off post housing was just to small and the electric bill was going to be more then We wanted to pay. Congrats on your assignment! Hawaii has been our favorite duty station out of every duty station we have been at the past 13 years!

We’re an army family and We live on a marine base in pearl city (middle of everything) and we absolutely love it!!

Mililani is very close to Schofield as is Wahiawa (where I live). My hubby is E5 and no kids or pets. We love our douplex we rent in Wahiawa. The town of Mililani is far better than Wahiawa but hubbys unusual Navy base is for shore duty only. Its called "NCTAMS PAC" in Wahiawa. Our power bill has never been higher than $96/month. Our internet is free. We pay $2,200 for a 1,000 sqr ft 3bdrm 2bath. Hardwood floors, solar panels, our own washer and dryer. Car port too. Hi Pacific Property Management is who we rent with and they have places available all over the Island. Message me if you would like. Our BAH is $2,700/month so what we pay for rent we pocket $500/month off post

My husband is E6 and we have been extremely happy off post. We are leaving in December actually. While we don't have kids we have 2 dogs and we wanted a house with a yard. Due to drama on post we rented in Ewa beach and have blissfully enjoyed our time here. Also, you do not have to stay at the Schofield barracks inn, and I highly recommend you do not. That place should be condemned.

Thank you so much everyone!

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3 months ago

Hawaii Military Wives

From the inbox: "Hello my name is Carina my husband and i and our son will be transferring to Pearl Harbor base. I wanted to see if you guys can help me with information I never been to Hawaii I don't know where we can live we were looking at military housing since we don't know what are the good areas we coming from San Deigo just wanted to get information regarding housing 🙂 thank you !" ... See MoreSee Less

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my family and i are also PCSing to the area in sugust from san diego. id love info on radford and catlin park areas. he will be on a sub at pearl

I’m also moving there in a month with my family from Sacramento I don’t care about living in what 99% of you reading this would probably consider a “Bad Area” lol I doubt highly it’s even 25% of what Sacramento has to offer. Thanks in advance for any info!

Feel free to PM me: ) It all depends on what time he beings his day. Traffic can be terrible.

Hi Carina, it can be difficult to decide which areas are best- & there are many options of base housing to consider- you can PM me if you'd like. I'm a Realtor & often give advice on what areas best fit lifestyle & family needs.

You can PM me if you'd like, I'll give my thoughts and opinions lol

Please visit Hawaii Military life .org for registering for base housing, schools, etc.

Going to Pearl you can live basically anywhere on the island. It's a small island. It comes down to what you are able to tolerate commute wise and what your other priorities are for a house and a neighborhood. You can live in any branches housing most of which is off base military housing. Just be aware that some of the off base military housing communities see more theft etc than many of the civilian communities, so living in military housing doesn't necessarily mean safer or nicer. Even on the base itself things happen. Like the registered sex offenders that were living on Schofield. That said, Oahu in general is a very safe place. Much safer than most of the mainland. So there are a lot of good areas to choose from and it really boils down to your families priorities.

Join pcsing to Hawaii FB page they helped me out when moving here😉


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3 months ago

Hawaii Military Wives

From the inbox: "Any enlisted e4 families who currently live in Hawaii (non military housing) looking to buy or rent a home in Oahu?? My husband and I will be stationed in Hickam Afb and we're in the process of home searching. What is a realistic ideal cost of monthly mortgage or rent for an e4 ranked family?" ... See MoreSee Less


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E4 will be rough...we pay 3k a month and got lucky everything was included and that's a steal for a 1000sq ft home!! Realtors will have you looking at Ewa Beach but that commute sucks 45 min to an hour unless he kayaks. And be careful of HOA rates out there, its no joke I've seen $700 a month!!

This is my advice to you...what do you want your life to consist of here in Hawaii? My husband is Coast Guard Aviation so we chose Ewa Beach for the first year- we rented our house which was really nice. $2600 for 3bd 2ba 2car garage, stainless steel appliances. BUT our utilities were crazy and we were energy conscious (like having one light on in the house at night until we went to sleep, only ac at night) our electric was never under $250 and water/sewer never under $130. We lived in suburbia and did not like it. Too many people, too much traffic!! This was not how we wanted to spend our 4 years! So we made the decision to move to the Marine Corps Base on the East side in Kailua and we LOVE it!! We are walking distance to private North Beach and Ft Hase Beach, 5 minutes to the Exchange and the Commissary. The amount is your full BAH, all utilities are included, every house has central air, 1-2 car garages. My husband is a surfer so he literally surfs every evening and we walk/run on the beach every day! My husband's commute is 45 min to Barbers Point BUT it's against traffic AND it's a beautiful drive to and from our side! We had thought about buying a house, particularly a fixer upper BUT houses in our price range were not walking distance to a beautiful beach. You might find a condo BUT the HOA fees are ridiculous!

For rent in Villages at Waipio: 2-bdrm 2-bath 1-pkg, $1850 / mo. E-mail: Convenient to Schofield, Wheeler, JBPHH, Tripler.

I have 300,000 equity in my home. Renting don’t get you that! ❤️

Disclaimer , I'm a Realtor- just want to give my two cents, and recommendations.#1 The Hawaii housing market is very unique- homes sell extremely fast, rental market is minimal & nearly as competitive as purchasing.#2 I recommend all my military families at least consider purchasing. Here's why- you get BAH for 3-4years+, you can either put that towards on base housing & have absolutely no chance of leaving with $. Or you can purchase & put your BAH to work & pay your mortgage. Sell in a few years. (Or rent it out!)#3 Now you have the opportunity to leave the island onto your next duty station with major $ in your pocket. It is such an amazing market here- I can send you home appreciation #s, whatever questions you may have. PM or call/text 808 649 8315 (Also, your purchasing power would be roughly $500k)

For a family on E4 pay I would stay in military housing. You get more space for your money.

I wouldn't buy if you're an E4. Live on base. You'll get much more house. We pay nearly $3,000 a month for our mortgage, plus HOAs, plus utilities. It is very expensive here

I will add that we love our house, we love our neighborhood. We are the first family to ever live in this home and we made an investment that will offer us a fabulous return. We have 5 bedrooms, 3 full baths. There are pros and cons to everything here. We live in Ewa Beach and I love the "suburbia" feel. So many other areas give me the creeps.

You need to factor in electricity too. It is expensive. Not to mention most homes do not have AC. Plus the cost of gas due to sitting in traffic. Living in Hawaii was our first time living on base it was better for us for many reasons. We normally opt to live off, but it was unrealistic there. Not having to worry about covering the electric bill was one of the main reasons we stayed on. Plus the homes are way bigger and nice. I personally would never buy in Hawaii. Especially as a E4.

We are E8...just moved on base after a year of living on the economy. We paid 3600/mo for a 1400 sq ft home. Water was about 250/ month and electricity 400. Not to mention gas and cost of groceries. To buy the house we were living in, it was around 1.2 million....although, we were living in Kailua, which is one of the more expensive parts. Ewa is much more affordable, but the commute.....oh man. It's a tough one.

If you have animals that will be hard to find a rental

I recommend meeting with a realtor. We loved our time in Hawaii and look back and wish we had bought because we plan on going back to be stationed again and/or retire in 6 years. My Husband was an E4 during our time stationed at Schofield (09-12)and we loved living on base and the not having an electric bill was really awesome. However,E4 BAH can still get you a cute house. I would only recommend buying if you plan to make Hawaii a permanent place or at least a vacation spot since the time stationed there is limited.

Use Christopher A. Prendergast. Best realtor over here

I'm lucky my highest bill was $95 electricity because I share solar panels with the down stairs neighbors in my douplex

PM me for information, I am a retired E-9 and now realtor.

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3 months ago

Hawaii Military Wives

From the inbox: "Hello. Our family is PCSing there in mid-August and we’re traveling with a Great Dane. I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinions on who the shipped their fur babies with." ... See MoreSee Less


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I am in the process of trying to figure out how to get my 7 year old Great Dane to Hawaii as well! I've made a little progress, but still many unknowns. I'd appreciate help as well! We will be arriving approx September 2018

We checked our large dog as “accompanied baggage” so she would be in the pressurized portion of the cargo load and she was on the same flight with us. Have you considered flying the dog with you or are you wanting to ship as cargo?

Thanks for the tag MaryAnne Miller Terrell we can for sure help. There are quite a few restrictions and ground transport on the mainland may be required all of which we can help you with. We can offer you a couple different options and you let us know what works for you based on being budget-conscious or time-conscious. Please visit our website and submit a quote over to us also please give us some patience as this news has come down pretty hard on the industry and many of our clients we are scrambling to reroute and rebook. We have a lot of quotes in the queue and we are answering them by order of flight dates. Have a great day.

I called American Airlines cargo, they offer 1/2 off to active duty military. And there’s the huge rabies free stuff to do for pets here too, see the Hawaii USDA website for the information. It’s a serious process!

We are PCSing in November and have a 60lb Lab to transport. I'm hoping we can take him as baggage, but I read about certain times in November they won't take a dog. Have to look into that.

There are more restrictions these days but it’s very possible to get your Great Dane to Hawaii - Kari Mendoza


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