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Hawaii Military Wives

From the mailbox, "Hey! A question to the wives who live on base: Do you leave you central AC running if you and your husband both work all day? My husband wants it always on but our electric bill was pretty high last month. Any advice would be great! " ... See MoreSee Less

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Don’t turn it off and then back on everyday! It uses more energy, it’s bad for the system, and the ac dehumidifies as it runs... you might try calling the community center where you live and ask for an electricity audit/“know your load” inspection. The housing company can have someone come out and inspect the energy pull from all appliances provided by housing and your personal ones to be should they are working properly as far as energy usage. Having the ac lines cleared every 3 months (call maintenance for this) and changing the ac filter once a month also helps keep the ac running smoothly.

No, turn it up when you’re away and then put it 2-4 degrees less when you get home. It will help your bill!

At night the a/c is set at 74 plus I turn my ceiling fan on . Then during the day it’s set at 76😉

Don’t turn it off. Keep it the same. Wash during the day, run the dryer during the day and the dishwasher as well. Turn the fans off when you are not in the room. This are things that helped us..

What do the houses for the army base look like? Pros and cons? Just me and my husband ( and hopefully a baby in my tummy ) Moving there end of February and trying to decide if we should live on or off base. Thank you 🙂

We left ours on ALL DAY & NIGHT and had much lower bills than our neighbors. We also used blackout curtains on our eastern and western sides of our home. Be sure to change your filters as recommended and set your fridge and freezer to the middle setting.

It's always on 75 whether someone is home or not. No one touches it ever.

Its actually more efficient to leave ac on running at all times vs turning on and off. Read that somewhere

We left ours on 24/7 at around 73-74. Only turned it off if we were out of town. We always paid and it was usually around $50-100.

My brother is an AC Tech and tells all his customers they run their bills up leaving it off during the day because it has to cool the house from a higher temp rather than maintaining it. Even putting it at a higher temp during the day and then lowering it at night will raise your bill slightly because it’s having to cool it down. Your best bet is to set it to a temp you can live with comfortably and then running fans to feel cooler.

We have ours on a schedule. We have 2 dogs that stay at home so we don’t want it to get too hot. It’s set at 76 during the day and 78 at night.

We keep ours at 74 ALL the time. Have for 22 years.

We are a Single Family 4 Bedroom Mololani Community and ours runs 24/7, We have constant Fans Going, Lights are Rarely used (I like natural light and darkness 😜) We’ve Changed Absolutely Nothing and we got money back the first few months and the last few we’ve paid between $0.14-$25 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ It’s like a Fun Surprise Every Month to See what we Get!! 😑

4 bedroom with 2 kids, both work and we leave it on. We get money back almost every month.

Also, think about how keeping it cool can keep mold from growing, that’s the main reason we runs our 24/7.

We leave it at 74-75 all day while we are at work. Fans going too since our dog is in the house.

We leave ours at 71. We both work but never change it regardless of whether we are home or not. We usually get back money too

Its most of the day for us but im at home, we turn it off when we go out. Qe usually get $20-$90 in credit a month

We keep ours at 73 steady, fans when we’re home and we get money back.

Its actually more efficient to leave ac on running at all times vs turning on and off. Read that somewhere

To many factors, age of home, age of AC unit. The older the both the more electric will be used just because of efficiency. We leave our house at 75 with a few fans running to help circulate. It is comfortable for us and the dog.

Fixing to be wife here, so I have never lived in the housing and want to know what I'm getting into, what do y'all mean you get money back?

We leave it at 69 all day everyday. We both work. We always get money back on our bill.

Its actually more efficient to leave ac on running at all times vs turning on and off. Read that somewhere

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Hawaii Military Wives

From the mailbox, "Hello! I have a question! My fiancé is getting stationed in Hawaii in December (He is in AF). And we will be getting married there in the summer! We are hoping to have a house on base when we get married because I don't have anywhere to stay. How long does it usually take? And any advice on moving to Hawaii and getting married?" ... See MoreSee Less


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From my understanding you cant get base housing you are married. He will be in a barrack until he is married. Housing is only available to married couples, not engaged. Once you apply it doesnt take too long. A few weeks.

I'd get married before he comes here, that way they can adjust his orders to get you on them. It's hard enough getting a house as a married couple and with long waiting periods. I agree with Augenee Danielle Hayward

I agree with above, get married on paper prior to your wedding so that he can take care of all the paperwork prior to you coming to Hawaii. Waitlists are long, and it takes some time for things like BAH and such to take effect once you are married. This is what we did, 10 years ago, and it helped tremendously.

We had to stay in Apartment when we got over there, I don't ,remember I think it was base on my husband wages at the time, We stay in them about three weeks, then we got to move in to military housing they were, run down. Bed room up stairs, two bath room, one up stairs ,other down stairs,, kitchen and living room down stairs.With flying roaches, that fly at night. From three inch's long to 5 inches. Scare me bad. Manger to get a cat, and the cat got rib of the roaches.😋 There was a big swimming pool, no one ever clean, and a laundry mat with washer & dryer you had to use and pay for using them. That housing was on Wappue Street, I just can spell some of the Street now SS..🤣

We waited about 7 weeks for a 3 bedroom( we have 2 kids). We have friends that got a house a few days after they arrived on island and some that waited longer then us. It really just depends on what you qualify for and the availability for a house. You so need to be married to qualify for base housing so I agree with the others to do a courthouse marriage first. Enjoy Hawaii! It’s beautiful but traffic sucks.

He will be able to fly Free, but you would have to buy your own ticket. Write to Hawaii Chambered of Commerce, ask them to send you Base house for Military. And write to Pearl Harbor Air Force Base Housing Unit. You may find both on line. Or something that you are looking for.🤔😊 Good luck with your Treasure Hunt . and yes you have to be on deers, and a ID card with your picture, so you can shop on base

My daughter got married at the courthouse first, then she stayed stateside while he went to HI and got everything set up for the housing.

Yes love, get married on paper first. Let him add you as his spouse first so he can get a house. If you get married here you will have to wait until he gets everything processed in order to proceed with housing and it’s going to take some time. Also, if you are not married when he gets here, he’ll have to live in the barracks and you cannot be with him there. You will have to pay out of pocket hotel expense.

I’d do a courthouse marriage first.

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From the inbox, "Hi! I have a really sticky situation! I currently work on the Kaneohe marine base. My car is not registered through me it's through my husband. Registration said my husband has to come all the way down from schofield where we reside to register the car. Is their any way any military wives can grab me from wherever I park my car ? I have my spouse Id" ... See MoreSee Less

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POA works

You can register with a POA and all the car documentation, or you can make a day out of it on the weekend and head down for lunch/beach/whatever with him to register it.

There’s also another office in camp smith. We live on a marine base but work on wheeler and have to register the car as well or get passes.

From the inbox, "Hello! We just got notice that we will be moving to Oahu, but the dates are unsure. We are coming from Maryland and we haven’t ever lived on base but that is looking like the best option at this point. I’ve looked into some places to rent but the prices are outrageous! My husband is E6 and I know we get $3,000 for BAH but we have an Alaskan Malamute and we need a yard and 900 sq ft wont work for us. We also have a four year old daughter so good schools are a must. Any information would be much appreciated." ... See MoreSee Less


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Hi there. May I ask where you looked for off-base housing? Wondering if there is a site that lists housing for military (on Oahu) only. Thank you.

Kyron Furlow

Plus, military housing has a/c and with your dog it will be hot . I had a Bernese Mountain dog so a/c was a plus.

I have four children who all attended Hawaii public schools. Three of them graduated from Hawaii high schools with multiple honors and scholarships so don’t let any one tell you Hawaii public schools are horrible. I would recommend living on base because of the dog , but mostly because of the convenience. Traffic in Hawaii is horrible right now because of the rail construction so living close to base, commissary, and NEX is convenient. Also, housing makes it easy for kids to make friends in the neighborhoods

We came from Maryland last year and my husband is an E6 as well. We have two school-age kids, a large dog and a cat. We were worried about the school system as well on/off base, but we haven't had any problems. We live on base and the schooling my kiddos are receiving is great. I have to say that while the schools are important, the effort parents put into their kids' education at home and in their community is SO much more important. Learning happens in and out of the classroom and it's what you make of it. With that being said, we love living on base because there are literally kids everywhere in our neighborhood. Traffic stinks and it will take you an hour to go 5 miles sometimes. The cost of living is rough, but you can find places off base within BAH. We lived on and off base in Maryland, but I think that for us, living on base while we are here is 100% more convenient. Welcome!

In Hawaii, with a large dog, living on post is definitely your best option!

You’d be surprised with the yard sizes in general. 900 sq Ft is very typical and even generous. We have two dogs- labradoodle 55 lb and Airedale 80 lb. They love it here- lots of walks! They hang out inside most of the time. At this point don’t stress and don’t get your heart set on any town/base/neighborhood. With a dog looking for off base housing is a challenge so you’d have to be very flexible.

Live in army housing. Nicer houses and bigger yards.

What base are you being assigned to? I would say with your dog, you are definitely going to want a home with central air, because that poor baby is going to get so hot. Majority of base houses have central air (at least that I have come across). But I don’t know about all the bases. Living on base is much more convenient due to the traffic here.

We moved here from Maryland last year. As an E6 with one child, we were offered newish 3 bedrooms at both AMR and Hickam. We could not have gotten the same square footage with a two car garage for under BAH anywhere. We might have been able to in Ewa or Kapolei, although places seemed nicer there but not necessarily bigger and the electric bill is a gamble. It really just depends on what's available at the time I think. We also weren't really willing to make the long commute in traffic sacrifice, so we didn't look there especially hard. I think the best strategy is to apply at all the bases, as well as look on the economy. It is not ideal to make the Ewa commute decision without doing the drive yourself and checking out the housing there. It's also very hot, so AC bill. If you are actually stationed at Schofield or KBay then you will definitely want to look closer to those bases and will have some other options.

We have lived on and off base. Having kids and dogs makes living on base the best option. By far.

With a dog and a child on base is the best. You will love it there!

If you have only one child, definitely live off post. On post schools aren’t really great but there are a few off post that are pretty good. Lehua elementary school in pearl city was amazing for my girl!

Good luck finding a place with a big yard in Hawai`i for only $3000 a month. $3000 doesn’t get you far unless you live far from everything. It’s possible, but you won’t be anywhere near where you’d likely want to be. On base will likely be your very best option. I have one child who graduated from a public school here, as I did myself, and got scholarships for college. She did fantastic. I have another daughter who is currently in a private school, because it was the best option for her personally. A lot of it depends on the child. Just because you hear Hawai`i schools are all so awful, doesn’t make it true. People tend to focus on the negatives and not sing the praises of the positive. Hang in there! ❤️

The best school is Navy Hale Keiki. It’s pricey but the majority of the students are military and my kids loved it, as did I! The wait lists are long so get on it as soon as possible. It’s right near base too.

We chose to live off base in Ewa beach with our Belgian Malinois and Siberian Husky. My husband is also E6 and we really enjoyed staying away from Schofield. We got lucky and found a place on craigslist with great landlords. Most yards in hawaii will be small, and ours is good enough during the day, but we take them to the dog park across the street in the evening.

They have discounted base housing as well.

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